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Plastic Fantastic Challenge Jury Selects 10 Finalists

The Plastic Fantastic Challenge jury selected 10 idea owners to join the finals in London. In October last year, Enviu and Impact Hub kicked of the Plastic Fantastic Challenge in Europe with the aim to come to solutions for the plastic waste issue. During an ideation challenge of five months, over 100 ideas on reducing plastic waste have been submitted on

More plastic in our oceans than fish by 2050

The plastic waste issue has become a worldwide problem. Out of the 78 million tonnes of plastic that is yearly produced, 34% (8m tonnes of plastics) leaks into our environment. According a new Ellen MacArthur Foundation report, it is estimated that by 2050 our oceans contain more plastic than fish.

Plastic Fantastic ChallengePhoto: Keoni Cabral

By facilitating co-creation with experts, professionals, students and corporates, the Plastic Fantastic Challenge aims to kick-start solutions for the accumulating amount of plastic waste. After five months of ideation, ten business ideas that can potentially be a part of the solution to the plastic waste issue will be presented in London during the finals.

Finalists can first join a three-day-bootcamp in London. This bootcamp consists of workshops and coaching sessions which help them in taking their ideas to a next level. On the final day participants get to pitch their ideas to the final jury. The most promising business idea will win a cash prize of 10.000 euro.

And the finalists are…



Disposable tent made from plant based resources which makes it fully biodegradable.

Converting waste to bio plastics

Bioplastics made out of renewable sources like wastewater, using bacteria.


Reusable shopping bag with a NFC Tag (smart little chip). By scanning the tag at supermarkets, users can measure how many single-use-bags the saved by reusing the bag.

Urban Mining

Crowdfunding campaign where, instead of money, will be asked for people’s plastic waste. In return they will receive credits, which entitles them to a share in revenues to be realised.

Make reuse easy – start with coffee

Coffee vending machines that offer the possibility to choose between a refill and plastic cup.



Central 3d printing hub which functions as an open museum for recycling and 3d printing.

Precycling: avoid recycling by reducing

Shopping trolley that offers a solutions for using less plastic bags. The traditional cage of the trolley will be exchanged by two rails that allow you to attach several reusable shopping bags. 

SmartShare your bag – take IT leave IT anytime anywhere

Platform that enables shoppers to share reusable, efficient, eco-friendly, design shopping bags.

Documentary Film

Documentary film about the development and manufacturing of premium yarns and fabrics made from plastic waste which is collected from the oceans.

Refill it, don’t kill it

Vending machines in big cities, where people can refill their water bottles at a fraction of the cost of bottled water.

European Plastic Roundtable

The final pitch event coincides with the European Plastic Roundtable. This conference aims to bring professionals in the European plastic industry together with those working on solutions to solve the plastic waste issue. The final goal of the event is to come to solutions, create new partnerships and action plans for a cleaner Europe.

The European Plastic Roundtable is an invitation-only event. For the ones interested in joining the event, we’d like to ask you to send us an email to