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Enviu Goes USA

America: the land of opportunities, the port of innovation, and a breeding ground for social innovation. On September 15th, we’ll launch Enviu’s USA office in San Francisco. This marks the next step in realising our ambition to improve the lives and habitat of millions of people across the globe.

In 2004 we started Enviu in Rotterdam from the belief that entrepreneurship can play a major role in solving social and environmental issues. Over the last 12 years, we contributed to the setup of 13 social enterprises in the Netherlands, India and Sub-saharan Africa.

We’re issue driven. Issues that we focus on, occur on global level. Our enterprises are changing the lives of many people. But we can do more. We can bring change to a global scale. Therefore we need to scale-up. Our enterprises need to work across boundaries.

Taking the first steps in expanding impact

We’re taking the first steps in expanding our impact. We’re currently working on the replication of our Ghanaian micro pensions company to India and working on scaling up the Janta Meals concept to Kenya.

Like with the setup of any (social) enterprise, you can’t, ever, walk alone. We need a global network of experts, partners, and funders. We have feet on the ground in the Netherlands, India, and Kenya. Our San Francisco office is the international hub connecting parties from all over the world with common ambitions.

San Francisco - Enviu USA

Luan Nio will be the Country Director leading Enviu USA. Luan used to work as a Senior Business Developer at Enviu. With two years of experience at Enviu in Rotterdam, she’ll make sure to maintain and spread the spirit of Enviu to new territories.

“San Francisco is the hotspot of innovation and entrepreneurship. Our USA office offers access to a large pool of talent, knowledge, new partnerships, and funding”


The launch of Enviu USA takes place in the week of the SOCAP’s 2016 event. SOCAP16 is the world’s largest conference for impact investors and social entrepreneurs and draws over 10,000 people.

SOCAP16 - Enviu USA

The Enviu USA kick-off event of takes place in Temple Night Club, one of the few locations in the world where you can dance on the sustainable dance floor. Enviu’s first social enterprise.

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