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Enviu is now a member of the Social Stock Exchange!

It is in Enviu’s DNA to be on the frontier. Since 2004 we have been frontrunners in the field of social enterprises creating impact. Becoming a member of the Social Stock Exchange is right up this alley.

Changing the game of impact investment

The Social Stock Exchange is the first regulated exchange in the world with a sole focus on social enterprises and impact. They are committed to businesses and investors who want to create a positive social and environmental impact.

And they are game changers in the world of impact investment. The Social Stock Exchange democratizes the opportunity to invest in impact. Because the nature of return on impact investment is long-term, the barrier to invest is high and tends to be dominated by wealthy family funds and philanthropists who can afford that long-term commitment.

By bringing these stocks to the exchange, it creates liquidity. This means it is easier to buy and sell. It also creates transparency.

Enviu as member of the Social Stock Exchange

And Enviu Holdco has been granted membership to this exchange. A Holding Company is in essence a fund. Enviu set this up to allow for long-term investment in its own ventures as well as promising external ventures.

Enviu Holdco was the first to be granted access unanimously by the admissions panel. As part of NEX, a larger established exchange, the Social Stock Exchange has strict criteria for participation.

There are not many organizations with a track record in social enterprises like Enviu’s. It is the combination of managing a fund, allowing for investing, and hands on building the companies to invest in ourselves that gives us a unique proposition. And makes us attractive to an initiative like the Social Stock Exchange.

By being part of the Social Stock Exchange, Enviu in essence received a quality label. We are setting the standard high for ourselves and want to adhere to this.

You can see our profile on the Social Stock Exchange’s website here.

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