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Webinar: Lessons learned from two pioneering micro pension companies

Worldwide, there are 1.8 billion workers in the informal sector currently without a pension. They literally have to work till they die and rely heavily on family support. Pension products have the potential to help generations break through the poverty cycle and at the same time strengthen local economies. In sub-Saharan Africa, for example, less than one in five older persons receives an old-age pension that would provide him or her with a certain level of income security. The situation is not bound to improve as only 9% of the active population is contributing to a pension.

Enviu is determined to tackle this issue by launching social enterprises that provide tailor-made (micro) pension products to informal sector workers. So far, it has been a journey in which we gained loads of new insights! During the Financial Inclusion Week of Accion, we take the opportunity to share these with you during our webinar.

Case studies from India and Ghana

We invited Samuel Waterberg, the CEO of the Enviu-founded company People’s Pension Trust in Ghana (2014), and Ashish Aggarwal, Non-Executive Director from Invest Micro Pension Services (2006). Samuel and Ashish will share their experiences in setting up this new long term saving product for the informal sector.

So, do you want to…

  • know more about setting up micro pension companies and products for informal sector workers?
  • discover possibilities to bring financial inclusion to the next level through social businesses?
  • share your experiences and insights on how to enhance financial inclusion?

Yes, yes, yes?

Click this link to sign up for the webinar! 
2nd of November @16:30 CEST | 8:30 PST | 21:00 IST