Roundtable discussion SF: How to address retirement savings gap California?

10,000 people turn 65 in the United States, every day. Many of these people have not saved much for their retirement due to complex circumstances, or underestimating the rising cost of living during their earning years. There is a huge opportunity to serve this market more effectively, whilst supporting people to improve their quality of life in their elder years. Can we contribute to a future where no one in the United States dies in poverty?We are delighted to invite you to a discussion where we will begin to collaboratively address the retirement savings gap in California for low income households!

This roundtable discussion is part of a mini-pilot effort to begin understanding this landscape. The mini-pilot is part of International Financial Inclusion Week 2017, alongside hundreds of events around the world. Enviu and other partners are working with Bay Area low income communities and financial advisors prior to this meeting to prototype and gain insight on local needs. During our meeting we will discuss the outcomes of this research as well as previous lessons learned via efforts in Ghana.

This is an invitation to kickstart working together! Bring your expertise to this issue so we can explore the best ways to move forward. Enviu is a company builder and does not aim to address these challenges alone, but through enabling a system of actors to come together to create solutions. Your local knowledge and readiness for collaboration will activate this work going forward – We would love to host you!


Luan Nio: US Country Director @ Enviu, an international organization with deep experience solving complex social issues through building world changing companies that drive market development. Enviu brings significant experience to the table regarding retirement savings innovations within Ghana, and is excited to discover how to solve this issue in the United States, starting with communities in the Bay Area.

Alejandro Caminos: Financial & Investment Advisor @ New York Life, 22 years of managing risk and reward with high net-worth and struggling individuals alike.

Chelsea Robinson: Systems Entrepreneur & Facilitator @ Enspiral, a unique collective of social entrepreneurs that pioneer new business models for social good outcomes, collaborative funding structures, and public private partnerships for public good.

When & Where

Thursday November 2nd, 2017. 3-6 pm (local time) @ New York Life, 425 Market Street, San Francisco


is free! Please RSVP through this link.


15:00 – 15:15 Welcome and registration

15:15 – 16:00

  • Mapping known issues and opportunities in California
  • Presentation on Enviu’s work in Ghana, their processes, and successes


16:00 – 16:45

  • What role do/can you play in this ecosystem?
  • Brainstorm possibilities for collaborative action going forward


16:45 – 18:00 Networking drinks