We build world changing companies

Hi! We are Enviu. When we founded Enviu in 2004, our belief was the same as it is today: An inclusive economy that serves people and planet. An economy enriching the lives of all people, providing access to basic needs. An economy that is careful with the valuable and limited resources our planet endows.

To instigate this economy we build social multinationals that address social and environmental issues, and drive market development. Companies with high impact in the domains of financial inclusion, circular economy, and food systems.

Enviu process

From idea to startup

We start from a system error, with as end goal to build markets for good

Rather the issue than an idea or product is the starting point of the eventual business solution. If the issue affects over 100 million people, and there is a willingness to pay and an urgency to solve, we see a market opportunity!

We build and grow social and sustainable ventures

Each venture entails a product or service, a business model, a business case, and a structure to scale. As co-founder, Enviu works alongside of the CEO of the company, making the business investor-ready and using hybrid financial models to achieve our goals.

We design and build for scalability, realizing world-changing social multinationals

Enviu leverages and maximises the impact of a good business concept by taking scalability into account from the start Our social multinational approach builds on a scalable business architecture. A holding company functions as an umbrella under which new ventures are developed without distracting the local entrepreneurial team, but building on their experiences.

We develop markets, reinforcing our own, and other ventures

Ultimately, Enviu wants to correct the flaws in the larger system the company is operating in. Successfully starting a flagship venture requires the improvement of market conditions. This simultaneously encourages market growth as the soil is prepared for competitors to start.


Together is more