We start world changing companies

Hi We’re Enviu. Founded in 2004, we celebrate over 10 years of experience in the co-creation and development social startups. We challenge ourselves with large societal and environmental issues. Our end goal is always to create impact for a large group of (marginalised) people and improving their livelihood. Our approach to impact in short: From issue to idea, from idea to start-up.

Vision and mission

We want the global economy to be inclusive and serve people and planet. We drive this change by initiating mass collaboration and impact driven entrepreneurship. Our startups deliver products and services that improve the quality of life for large groups of marginalised people.
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Formally Enviu started in 2004. It took a trip to Antarctica in 2002, where Enviu’s founder and CEO Stef van Dongen was inspired to drive positive change through collaboration and impact driven entrepreneurship. Our Inspire, Involve and Make It Happen philosophy started here.
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Enviu process

From idea to startup

Enviu is issue-driven. Our work starts with the identification of a system error causing large societal or environmental damage, affecting over 100 million people.

The analysis of the system surrounding the issue provides us with insights in key players, risks, and conditions that need to be taken into account when developing a market and working on new business solutions.

Based on the issue analysis, together with our partners we define the scope of the issue and impact ambitions of the innovation program or social multinational enterprise.

Together with our partners, passionate entrepreneurs and experts, Enviu develops issue driven, scalable and replicable business solutions based on the needs of potential end-users and the system surrounding the issue.

This solution includes a product/service, a business model and a business case.

The business concept is put to the test with the customer, using the Lean Startup methodology.

In the validation phase the entrepreneurial team is formed, the concept is validated, a business plan and replication model are made and investors are involved to provide start-up capital for the social venture.

After successful validation the social enterprise is operational and drives the development of a new market. The enterprise serves as a platform to build partnerships, mobilise resources, expertise and co-create the right market conditions.

Building this new market involves behavioral change, knowledge development, policy change and to create competition. These elements are a pre-condition for the enterprise to be successful and to leverage its impact.

After successful operations of the enterprise in one country, the concept is ready to be replicated to other countries. The social enterprise becomes a social multinational enterprise that operates in multiple countries and markets driving system change.


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