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For entrepreneurs

Enviu’s business model is the sourcing and development of (investor ready) social ventures. These ventures are the result of a process of co-creation and (lean) business plan validation. Through all our work our focus is issue driven, meaning that we develop business concepts solving specific social or environmental issues.

Our projects often start with an open call for business plans around a specific issue. These open calls can be on idea level and the starting point of an ideation and co-creation challenge as well as a request for validation ready business plans with a clear scope and well-defined criteria. Please find our open calls listed below.

Why work with Enviu?

Let’s start with what’s in it for you. Why should you be working together with Enviu in the first place? Partnering with Enviu basically provides you with a sparring partner with a track record of ten years in creating successful businesses for social and environmental issues. By becoming a partner we usually become a shareholder in your company.

Enviu contributes the following:

– Lean Start-up methodology and hands on expertise;
– When necessary, financing of out of pocket costs;
– Development of impact metrics and measurement, appropriate for the start-up;
– Experience in attracting partners and investors, thereby using the track record of Enviu;
– Communication, legal and financial expertise;
– Crowdsourcing and crowdfunding expertise;
– Extensive network of companies, professionals, investors and entrepreneurs;
– Free workspot near Blaak train station in Rotterdam; 

From our side we expect of the entrepreneurs we work with that they:

– Take the lead;
– Are impact-driven;
– Demonstrate commitment to turning the start-up into a success;
– Demonstrate openness, flexibility and perseverance;
– Are willing to work with others to form a suitable start-up team;
– Have sales capability to attract partners, launching customers and investors;
– Preferably have an experience in starting up companies (references);
– Join the process on their own risk, i.e. Enviu does not pay you a salary;

Open calls

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