Enviu for investors

Seed capital to growth funding for world changing companies

For investors

Enviu’s business model is the sourcing and development of (investor ready) social ventures. These ventures are the result of a processes of co-creation and (lean) business plan validation. Through all our work our focus is issue driven, meaning that we develop business concepts solving specific social or environmental issues.

From issue to idea: Grants and Funds

For some issues in the world the best remedy does not yet exist. Or at least ideas can be developed by co-creation and involving a diverse mix of stakeholders. It usually starts with a great idea, which is still far from a business plan. Energy Floors, the first Enviu start-up would never have been established without the process of involving a large crowd to collaborate on concepts for a sustainable dance club. It is these kind of projects that are unique to Enviu and its mission to start world changing companies.

Enviu is continuously seeking (co-)funding partners for specific projects around social and environmental issues. We have long-standing relationships with a number of Foundations and Family Offices that have been at the cradle of some of our world changing companies.

Please get in touch with Ankie van Wersch (COO) to find out more about opportunities to start issue driven projects that can result in world changing companies.


From idea to startup: Impact investing and private equity

“No business plan survives the first contact with customers” is one of the inspiring lines from Eric Ries, author of The Lean Startup. This is exactly what Enviu’s business developers do in their validation process to turn business plans into investor ready ventures. For every start-up Enviu needs to raise seed capital to fund the validation process. We are working with established partners like Toniic and Pymwymic, as well as NGO’s and individual investors.

Proof of the pudding: Our ventures and entrepreneurs

Investing in start-ups is a high risk investment. In the last 10 years Enviu has established a number of successful start-ups, meaning they are on track with their plan and making impact in the world. Some of these companies are already profitable and scaling for growth. Others are in various phases of the business life cycle.

Enviu has a (minority) share in almost all of it’s ventures. Enviu Participations is Enviu’s entity that looks after our start-ups with strategic advice and fundraising.
Currently a number of Enviu start-ups are scaling up and seeking growth capital. Please contact Bart Meijs (Chief Investment Officer) to learn more about these individual investment opportunities.