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Agri-Business Innovation Challenge kick-off

On Friday the 29th of May Enviu, ICCO Cooperation and Fit Uganda Ltd kicked off the Agri-Business Innovation Challenge in both Kampala and The Hague. Together we aim to attract and boost innovative and scalable agri-business models that can improve the quality of life of smallholder farmers.

Participants are invited to share their business plans on The three most promising businesses will be rewarded with cash prizes up to 20,000 Euro to roll out their business models. Besides that, winning participants get the chance to qualify for investment by the ICCO Investment Fund.

50 people attending kick-off event in Uganda

The launch event in Uganda was a festive day in the city centre of Kampala. Around 50 people attended, among which potential sponsors, experts in agri-business development, and partners that operate in the agri-business sector of Uganda.

The kick-off event was opened by the representative of the Minister of State Industry and a representative of ICCO. Later, visitors got inspired by speeches from Patrick Iga, the ‘Best Farmer of Uganda’ and Miss East Uganda.

Dutch kick-off at New World Campus

The kick off of the Agri-Business Innovation Challenge in the Netherlands took place at the New World Campus. Last Friday, this Dutch social business incubator celebrated it’s opening in The Hague. The event attracted around 150 participants among which were NGO directors and social entrepreneurs. The perfect place to launch a new challenge!

“It has been a busy but exciting time”, says Alexis de Liedekerke, Enviu representative in Uganda. “Our team is very professional and dedicated. Though we’ve put one year of work in 6 months, I believe we have the team that can handle such challenge”.

“Several organisations in Uganda are occupied with agri-business and I’m sure we can contribute to their work and boost innovations. In my opinion the real challenge is to reach out to all our stakeholders. Despite infrastructural challenges we aim to convert the innovations throughout the whole country”.

Agri-Business Innovation Challenge

What’s next

The coming months Agri-Business Innovation Challenge aims to attract and uplift agri-business models that can truly improve the quality of life of smallholder farmers in Uganda. We are scouting ambitious entrepreneurs who have developed scalable business models around innovative agri-tools and technologies that will set the smallholders in a better situation.

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