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Crowdsourcing session @ Enviu HQ for Social Enterprise NL members

In the last ten years we’ve collaborated online- and offline with approximately 30.000 students, experts and professionals on impact enterprises. We’re proud of what we’ve achieved so far, and are eager to share our experiences with our peers. That’s why on Thursday December 3rd we open our office for members of Social Enterprise NL during the Benen op Tafel session which all has to do with crowdsourcing and co-creation.

Crowdsourcing, a portmanteau of “crowd” and “outsourcing, is a mode of sourcing where an undefined group of people is solicited to contribute to tasks for which traditionally, employees or suppliers would be recruited. For Enviu, it soon became apparent that this approach could be essential to find solutions to societal and environmental issues. Since its origin, Enviu organised dozens of open innovation challenges in order to tackle social- environmental issues.

Enviu’s open innovation challenges

Take for example the Open Source House challenge. More than 3.000 architects were called to design an affordable and environmentally friendly single family house for the emerging middle class in Ghana. Participants from 45 different countries submitted 247 designs. Currently, people from all over Europe collaborate on business solutions to reduce plastic packaging waste during the Plastic Fantastic Challenge. March 2016 Enviu aims to present at least one feasible model, ready for market validation.

Now the big question is: how to involve people worldwide to (voluntarily) co-create social business solutions? How can you set up an active community around your mission, and how can you keep this community motivated to collaborate with you? On December the 3rd we’ll address all these questions, while enjoying a nice cup of FairChain coffee.

Apply now

All Social Enteprise NL members can apply by sending an e-mail to Please specify your challenges in the field of crowdsourcing in your application.

Event details

Met de Benen op Tafel sessie @ Enviu

Thursday December 3rd / 15:30 tot 17:30
Pannekoekstraat 100, 3011 LL Rotterdam