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Together is more

2016 has been an exciting year for Enviu! We have obtained the license for our Micro Pensions Fund in Ghana, co-founded various new enterprises, signed a contract with big American foundation, started new innovation programs in income generation for vulnerable Dutch; sustainable shipping; plastics and textiles. We co-initiated a collaboration with the Vatican to start initiatives around venture philanthropy and impact investing, set up our own investment team that is raising funding to replicate our companies to other countries and we have opened up offices in Bangalore, Nairobi and San Francisco.

I hear you thinking. This all sounds like a heck of a lot of work and it is! It requires a great team to execute this all in a professional way. And that is exactly what we have accomplished! Today, when I look around I see an amazing team of driven authentic go-getters and strong partners surrounding us.

For me, it’s time to fully embrace my talent and passion of creating new initiatives, building more partnerships for impact, visioneering and promoting Enviu in the world. I will do this in my new role as Founder / President being part of the non-executive board of Enviu together with Jan de Roos (chairman) and Niki van Wijk. I have handed over the daily management of Enviu to a new generation of Enviu-ers that have the ambition to further develop Enviu into an established multinational social enterprise.

Strong executive board

The past two years we’ve built up a strong executive board. Bart Meijs (former Rebel and InReturn Capital with expertise in impact investing and East Africa) is our Chief Investment Officer taking care of our finance and investments. Ankie van Wersch (former director at IG&H with expertise in retail/logistics and family foundations) is our Chief Operations Officer and Director of Venture Philanthropy. At the first of January this year, Michiel Elich (former partner at IG&H and expertise in financial services, strategy and innovation) took position as Enviu’s new CEO. Together with CJ Jones, our Director for Enviu in East Africa, a new hire as our Director Enviu in India and Luan Nio our Director of Enviu in USA they form the Global Management team of Enviu.

Enviu Management Team

In 2002 we have started Enviu from the belief that entrepreneurship and co-creation can play a major role in solving the world’s biggest challenges. Over the years we’ve set up more than a dozen replicable enterprises and innovation programs. Together with the entrepreneurs we have co-founded social enterprises that served over 6 million meals in low income communities in India, provided start capital to almost 1000 rickshaw drivers to run their own clean taxi business, inspired the world with our dance floors, raised millions of euros in crowd funding for renewable energy projects, and so much more.

We have collaborated with you and thousands of people around the world. In many cases we dared to be the first ones, we made mistakes, learned thousands ways how things not worked. We believe that this is an important part of our journey to explore the pathways of venture philanthropy, impact investing and social entrepreneurship. Together with you and other partners we keep on developing innovation programs and flagship multinational social enterprises. Initiatives that drive the development of new markets to address the global social and ecological system errors. Today, we have expert teams in the field of Financial Inclusion and Income Generation, Food Systems and Circular Economy.

With the latest developments in the world the need for game changing innovations and collaboration exists more than ever. We feel so motivated to work harder and smarter to make that happen together with our great partners. If you feel the same excitement, I would love to introduce you to our team and reflect on the challenges you see for 2017 with a good cup of coffee, tea, or a beer. Please let us know when you are up for it.

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