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Enviu and the municipality of Rotterdam partner to tackle unemployment together

The municipality of Rotterdam wants to explore new ways of leading citizens out of unemployment. Last week our CEO, Michiel Elich, and the director of Implementation of Work & Income in Rotterdam, Marlin Huygens, shook hands and signed a partnership agreement to continue their joint initiative ‘On The Job’ to tackle unemployment with the financial support from the European Social Fund (ESF).

Enviu and the municipality have been working together for over a year designing and piloting the innovative concept ‘On the Job’.

Michiel and Marlin shaking hands. Excited about moving forward as you can see!

On the Job

On the Job is a venture Enviu is building to (re-) integrate people with a distance to the labor market into the economy. The venture gives them the chance to be economically self-sufficient and fully participate in society. On the Job’s approach is unique and innovative as it focusses on flexible, part-time reintegration rather than the traditional full-time approach. The venture builds on the value and competences of the unemployed group matching market needs, choosing a sustainable business-minded approach. At the same time, On The Job works together with the municipality of Rotterdam to create a stimulating context for the unemployed to reintegrate into economic independency.

Killing two birds with one stone: unemployment and inadequate senior care

There is a growing need for human support in the elderly care sector because of digitalization, cutbacks, and a heavy workload for caretakers. Through their reintegrating ‘workforce’ On the Job offers local, custom-made services to elderly who still live at home. Services like cooking and eating together, administration, housekeeping, and gardening.

This way On The Job tackles both unemployment and inadequate senior care, turning two societal issues into an opportunity.

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