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Energy Floors installs first Gamers at primary school playgrounds

It all started with a magic love affair between dancing and sustainability. “How can we make sustainability attractive and mainstream?” Stef thought as he was showing off his moves on the dance-floor. “Through dancing, of course.” The idea of Energy Floors was set into motion. And now this Enviu-backed startup is starting to educate future generations.

Creating positive impact with people power

Energy Floors was the first world changing company Enviu founded, back in 2008. Energy Floors develops floor systems that convert kinetic energy from human movement to electricity. This means every footstep or dance move on one of the floors generates electrical energy. They capture your energy to create positive impact. How cool is that?!

Here the very first Gamer is being installed in Papendrecht!

The company is out to change the world. With a strong belief that awareness about energy and our own impact on energy levels are the main conditions to create a sustainable world.

“Our mission is to reach young people and try to seduce them to become sustainable,” Michel Smit, CEO of Energy Floors says. “If you want to do that, it has to be cool, and exclusive.”

And they are well on their way. So far Energy Floors has already energized 269 events, set up 29 permanent installs, generated 5102 million Joules, and reached 12 million people across the world.

Involving future generations

And now Energy Floors has reached another milestone: installing its first Gamer in a school playground at de Viermaster in Papendrecht, the Netherlands. Followed by Gamers number 2 and 3 in Vlaardingen, and 4 and 5 in Leeuwarden and Sliedrecht.

The Gamer is an energy-generating floor that encourages children to play energetic games, while educating about renewable energy at the same time. It helps youngsters to understand such the abstract matter of sustainability by providing a practical and visual insight.

“The kinetic energy is important for awareness raising, so that the children experience how much effort it takes to generate a bit of electricity,” explains Michel, CEO of Energy Floors.

With the Gamer Energy Floors integrates sustainability into the education of young generations, encouraging them to use energy resources responsibly. Which is super important, because they are the future!

How The Gamer works

So, how does it work? The Gamer is made of a combination of solar and kinetic tiles on which you can walk. All tiles are equipped with sensor LED lights that invite children to play on them.

“The kinetic energy is important for awareness raising, so that the children experience how much effort it takes to generate a bit of electricity. The solar energy makes a serious contribution to the energy management of the school,” Michel explains.

And this is just the beginning. “This year we want to have installed 40 Gamers in schools all over the Netherlands. And then continue to Belgium and Germany!”

This is the Gamer in Vlaardingen. Definitely looks inviting!

Want to know more about Energy Floors, join their movement, or even show some moves of your own? Make sure to get in touch with them here!