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Enviu launches Leather Matters program!

Worldwide the leather sector employs millions of people across the value chain and is subject to substantial global trade. But with such growth and size come significant social and environmental challenges. Hence Enviu launched Leather Matters to bring positive change. A path to a more sustainable and socially responsible leather sector!

Leather Matters aims to contribute to a more sustainable and socially responsible leather sector. The program activates innovations in the market in conjunction with the development of commercially viable solutions. Hereby we want to inspire conventional players in the sector to work in a way that does not harm the environment and has a positive impact on the people working in the sector.

Our dream is a leather sector that serves the planet and the people through whose hands leather is produced!

Leather is used for a large variety of applications, with footwear as largest product segment.

Towards positive change

We have found the sector is very willing to change but does so taking small steps at a time, often with a focus on their own part of the value chain and their own segment. Most initiatives are taking place in the processing part in which hides are being processed into leather. We believe there is a need for a change with a broader scope. Therefore, we include the complete value chain in this program: From livestock to raw hides, from hides to leather, from manufacturing leather products to product life extension.

We believe business principles can be applied to solve the larger issues in the sector. The leather sector would not only reap the sustainability benefits, but also the economic ones.

Together is more

And we are looking for input! We are starting with an issue analysis of the complete value chain to define the existing system flaws and their impact, and which levers to pull to solve them. Moreover, we are looking into existing innovations and improvements.

Want to share your knowledge, experience and vision of the leather sector with us or know of someone who would? We are looking for sector experts, interest groups, innovators, and all who have ideas about leather.

We want to get to know the leather sector as well as possible and help turn visions for a sustainable future to reality to create a pathway to a sustainable and socially responsible leather sector for all!

Want to know more about what we are doing to bring a positive change in the leather sector or want to contribute?

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