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Liberation Day: Freedom, for us and for veterans

Today is the 5th of May, Liberation Day in the Netherlands. An important day to take time to reflect on and celebrate freedom. As a veteran himself, Hans Nagtegaal knows what it is like to fight for freedom, during and after the military. It was he who came to Enviu with the urgency to do something for veterans, resulting in building No Worries Company. Hans is the driving force and entrepreneur behind No Worries Company, a company that fights for the freedom of veterans.

“I was discussing Liberation Day with my wife last week,” Hans reveals. “When I was in elementary school, Remembrance Day and Liberation Day were difficult concepts to understand. It was not until I went with the Dutch military to Bosnia and Afghanistan that I started to understand what freedom really means. It was the consequences of a lack of freedom and safety that taught me.”

“It is hard to understand it without the contrast. We understand summer because we have a winter. What we have in the Netherlands is unique. Liberation Day is to commemorate that the freedom we have is a privilege. And that there was a long road to get there. It was not without sacrifices.”

“I am so proud of our veterans, and I admire them. Veterans have an obligation towards each other to keep each other safe and care for each other’s well being. No matter if you know them or not, they are all wearing the same uniform.”

“If we can carry on even just a bit of this mentality into our society, this watchfulness and caring for each other, we could make our society a bit more beautiful,” Hans laughs and adds, “This sounds very woolly for a very non-woolly person. But it’s true.”

This is Hans! Back when he was serving in the military.

This is why Hans wanted to start No Worries Company, to enable veterans to live a life full of possibilities. Some veterans carry on the experiences of their mission their entire life. Currently one out of five Veterans struggles with mental issues, from stress to chronic PTSD. Many wait years to seek help, some never do. This prevents them from functioning well in our society and enjoying their personal lives. They get fired, their relationships break, they get addicted. This is unacceptable.”

“I have had a dark period in my life after my missions as well and I had to fight through it. But I luckily managed to come out of it. From then on, I see more and more veterans going through the same. During the issue analysis we did with Enviu we understood that many veterans even have a difficult time 10 years after returning from their mission.”

“It’s just such a waste of potential. It is worse enough for themselves and their family, but it also a loss for society. Veterans are solution-oriented, can properly assess a team and understand their role in it. They are creative and extremely disciplined.”

“With No Worries Company I want to strengthen every veteran that needs it to take part in society, from his or her own strength. For No Worries Company, this means empowering veterans to deal with the extremely stressful situations that they experienced in a healthy way, together. “

To realize this, the team is developing Unit Victor, a mobile application that enables veterans to connect and look for support as soon as they need it. Veterans are known to leave no one behind. Unit Victor is simply a tool to strengthen this. Unit Victor is not only a platform for veterans, No Worries Company also aims to stimulate research on the mental health of veterans, by gathering data via Unit Victor. Of course users can choose to stay anonymous and hide their data.

The Unit Victor app is coming out before the summer!

It won’t come as a surprise that Remembrance Day and Liberation Day in the Netherlands are important for the team of No Worries Company. ‘Gratitude to those that fight and fought for our freedom, that’s what drives us every day.’

Be on the look out, because No Worries Company will launch the first version of Unit Victor app before the summer!

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