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Minister Kaag wears dress hand woven out of waste by Khaloom

We are beyond proud to have the Dutch minister of Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation, Sigrid Kaag, wear a dress from Khaloom’s fabrics. Khaloom, founded by Enviu and Sympany, is a circular textile company based in Bangalore offering made-to-measure hand woven fabrics. The red dress designed by Ronald van der Kemp, known for dressing stars like Katy Perry and Beyoncé, is made from 100% recycled yarns. In the middle of one of the dirtiest industries and largest textile manufacturing countries, Khaloom is upcycling waste into a high end product.

“Raw materials are becoming scarcer and the mountain of waste is growing. We must and can do something about that. This beautiful dress proves that you can make new yarns and high-quality garments from textile waste,” says Minister Kaag.

Sigrid Kaag wearing the dress designed by Ronald van der Kemp and from fabric hand woven by Khaloom with 100% recycled yarns

Khaloom and UPSET Textiles were invited to join the Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte and Minister Sigrid Kaag on the largest Dutch trade mission to India. These world changing companies, both co-founded by Enviu, are walking the talk and setting a new norm for the textile industry.

“I am convinced that sustainable and circular entrepreneurship can be serious business in the textile sector. And it offers attractive opportunities for innovative cooperation between Dutch and Indian companies,” explains Kaag. “I also hope that it makes us more aware and that these kinds of initiatives encourage us all to take a critical look at how and under what circumstances our clothing is made.”

During the trade mission Sigrid Kaag wore a dress made from Khaloom’s hand woven 100% recycled fabric.

How are Khaloom and UPSET Textiles changing the game?

The textile industry is, besides oil and gas, the most polluting industry. Worldwide 40% of clothing produced gets thrown away, and only a shocking 1% of textile is being recycled. That is why Khaloom uses post production waste as the main resource to hand weave new, high-end fabrics. Hand weaving costs zero energy or CO2, only manpower. Machine looming on the other hand can cost 126kwh and can lead to 93kg CO2 emission.

Kaag shining in the dress!

Besides this the textile industry worldwide employs 60 million people. In India 51% of weavers sadly receives less than half of the minimum wage. Khaloom offers her weavers a permanent contract and 2-3 times the minimum wage, setting a new norm. The craft of weaving is also hereby preserved, a craft passed down from generation to generation. The weavers are proud of the work they do!

While Khaloom is proving an alternative mode of production, UPSET Textiles is providing the technology to create 100% recycled yarns from 100% textile waste. Enviu is currently building UPSET Textiles together with Pals Brust and Michel Walstock, former C-level managers at C&A and BCC. UPSET is focused on large-scale innovative textile recycling technologies in India to cater to the main-stream market. Ready to change the set up of the apparel industry!

Reweaving the textile industry

Khaloom and UPSET Textiles are part of Enviu’s disruptive business intervention strategy REWEAVE. To reweave the textile industry by building ventures that realize a circular chain. Our ambition is to have built by 2030 a new circular apparel value chain that has ecological and social sustainability in its DNA.

These world changing companies are setting new norms and opening up the industry for radical change!