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European frontrunners in social entrepreneurship visit SOCAP18!

After a successful mission to one of the largest impact conferences worldwide last year, Enviu and four of our world changing companies are visiting SOCAP again from the 23rd till the 26th of October, starting today! Together with the municipalities of Amsterdam, The Hague (known as ImpactCity) and Rotterdam, RVO, PwC, and Social Enterprise NL, we are leading seventeen Dutch social enterprises to SOCAP18 this year. We are visiting SOCAP as a Dutch delegation, and as products of a thriving social entrepreneurship eco-system! Recent studies show the Netherlands is now one of the leading countries in the field of social entrepreneurship in Europe. At SOCAP18 we will share our knowledge and lessons learned. And most importantly, we’re looking for new partnerships to work together towards a more sustainable planet, for people and the environment!

SOCAP, the largest social impact conference worldwide

SOCAP is the largest social impact conference in the world. An annual event in San Francisco where thousands of impact investors, world-class social entrepreneurs, and innovative cross-sector practitioners come together, dedicated to increasing the flow of capital towards social good.

The rise of the social impact ecosystem in the Netherlands

Recent studies show that the Netherlands is one of the fastest growing social impact systems in Europe. Considering 10 years ago the business climate for social entrepreneurs was almost non-existent. According to the PwC report (to be released on the 24th of October), in five years time, there are now about 6,000 social enterprises whose turnover has grown with 75% to 3,5 billion Euros. This means they are responsible for an impressive 3.5% of the Dutch economy’s GDP growth during this time period!

How the Netherlands has realized this growth and which actors were crucial are some of the lessons learned that will be shared with the international community on SOCAP. The PwC report concerning the development and rise of the Dutch social entrepreneurship ecosystem will be officially launched on SOCAP!

Together is more!

It is a win-win. The Netherlands brings Dutch pragmatism and experience in building this impact ecosystem to the table, and can tap into the international knowledge and experience at SOCAP.

“There are major challenges for the future, human rights violations and climate change for instance. Social enterprises, NGOs and government in the Netherlands work together to find innovative solutions for these challenges,” explains Gerbert Kunst, the Dutch Consul General in San Francisco. “I hope this visit leads to stronger partnerships with the international impact community, to contribute to the development of the international and Dutch social enterprise ecosystem. And more importantly, to work together towards a more sustainable planet.

The social enterprises joining the mission

Four of Enviu’s world changing companies are joining the delegation! Future Proof Shipping, Khaloom, People’s Pension and Upset. The other Dutch social enterprises joining are African Clean Energy; Closing the Loop; Coolfinity; Everless; GreenerU; Humansurge; Makers Unite; SCOPEinsight; SweepSmart; Sycada; The SocialMedwork; Yapili; and Moyee.

See you there?

There are a lot of valuable lessons learned and experiences to be shared. Are you visiting SOCAP this year? Make sure to find the Netherlands there! During the conference you can find out more about the Netherlands at their stand, and there will be:

  • Wednesday 24th of October @ 14:30: Session on the unique developments of the Dutch social enterprise ecosystem and its adaptability to other environments, including the release of the PWC report
  • Thursday 25th of October @ 16:00 – 20:00: Pitch session where the social enterprises will present themselves at the SOCAP restaurant

One of the main goals of the trade mission is to exchange knowledge and join forces! This is key, because the ultimate goal for all of us is to create massive positive impact, and this can only happen if we work together! See you there?

Visit for more information and follow the Dutch mission on social media using the hashtag #SOCAP18NL