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Building an ecosystem for social entrepreneurship: 7 lessons learned from the Netherlands

Enviu’s head office is in the Netherlands, and this is not a coincidence. The Netherlands is recognized as one of the fastest growing social enterprise ecosystems in Europe. How the Netherlands has realized this growth and which actors were crucial are some of the lessons learned can be found in a report released by PwC. The report was officially launched on SOCAP 2018 where Enviu and a group of Dutch social entrepreneurs, organizations and municipalities served as proof of the pudding! 

According to the PwC report, in five years time, there are now about 6,000 social enterprises whose turnover has grown with 75% to 3,5 billion Euros. This means they are responsible for an impressive 3.5% of the Dutch economy’s GDP growth during this time period!

Clearly the Dutch social enterprise sector has grown significantly in the past five years. PwC researched which factors contributed to this fast growth, leading to the report ‘Building an ecosystem for social entrepreneurship: lessons learned from the Netherlands’. This study was presented at the annual Social Capital Markets (SOCAP) conference, a three-day international event in San Francisco that brings together social entrepreneurs and impact investors.

Read the report here!

Together with the municipalities of Amsterdam, The Hague (known as ImpactCity) and Rotterdam, RVO, PwC, and Social Enterprise NL, we are leading seventeen Dutch social enterprises to SOCAP18 this year. We are visiting SOCAP as a Dutch delegation, and as products of a thriving social entrepreneurship eco-system!