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We launched Zero Waste Living Lab together with Plastic Solutions Fund!

Indonesia is the country with the second biggest leakage point of plastic into the ocean. But at the same time shows promising initiatives within the zero waste movement. This is why Enviu is launching the Zero Waste Living Lab together with the Plastic Solutions Fund! We want to use the power of social entrepreneurship to radically reduce plastic waste in Indonesia, and beyond. The mission of the Zero Waste Living Lab is to develop the market for zero waste consumption and enable a radically more sustainable consumption paradigm.

Starting in November 2018, we strive to achieve this new consumption paradigm by developing multiple new business models that enable large groups of consumers to purchase products without single-use plastics. Hereby we want to ignite the spark and invite market participants to join forces to building lasting change!

A market development program

As a continuation of Enviu’s plastics approach, the Zero Waste Living Lab is a 3-year market development program to ideate, test and build small-scale initiatives and enable them to scale. We will build upon the already existing landscape of zero-waste actors to develop and scale the market in Indonesia. We do this by employing three main strategies:

  • Incubating existing Indonesian alternative delivery systems (early stage business models)
  • Replicating successful business models from abroad to Indonesia
  • Ideating new business models to create a strong market movement of alternative delivery solutions


The focus of the Zero Waste Living Lab will start with two regions in Indonesia: Bandung and Surabaya. These will become the first zero-waste showcases. Building on this experience and proof, our aim is to replicate the concepts developed to the rest of Indonesia, and beyond!

Here is an overview of our ambition with the Zero Waste Living Lab in Indonesia. Time to build world changing companies!

Together is more

The Plastic Solutions Fund is one of our first partners to join us on this ambitious adventure. With an ambitious goal of their own, the Plastic Solutions Fund is a funders collaborative focused on reducing single use disposable plastics with the goal of phasing out all non-essential uses by 2035. They support projects aimed at reducing production of single use plastic and packaging with a focus on key drivers of systems change in the plastic supply chain.

If we could do it on our own, we would not be dreaming big enough. We believe that partnerships are crucial to realizing world changing impact. So we are looking for more organizations, governments, experts, entrepreneurs and funders that have the passion and drive to join us on the journey to make zero waste the new normal!

Are you interested in creating this new zero-waste consumption paradigm together? Get in touch and let’s see how we can work together. And make sure to check out to sign up for the newsletter and follow the Zero Waste Living Lab on Instagram!

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