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Khaloom fabric made for world famous designer Ronald van der Kemp

Khaloom is one of Enviu’s world changing companies: A textile design- and production house creating a market for hand woven fabrics from recycled yarns. On special request of Ronald van der Kemp (world famous haut couture designer, also known for dressing stars like Beyonce & Lady Gaga) Khaloom made this unique fabric for his Spring 2019 show in Paris. The fabric is handwoven from leftover scraps of fabric and made into a matching top and skirt. His entirely up-cycled collection was received with great critique!

The fabric is handwoven by Khaloom from leftover scraps of fabric.

“The focus is always on fast fashion, but I think high fashion should also take a good look at itself,” said van der Kemp. “There is already so much beauty in the world that we could use. And even if things aren’t so beautiful, like the leftover fabric that we throw away, that’s where our creativity needs to go. That way clothes have a soul, people get attached to them and don’t throw them away.”

Annually 92 million tons of textile waste is created. By using textile waste as a resource, Khaloom is proving to the industry that we can solve the errors the textile industry is causing with the force of impact-driven entrepreneurship.

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