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Khaloom Fabric Debuts at Amsterdam Fashion Week 2019!

Enviu’s world changing company Khaloom is moving full steam ahead having just been featured at Amsterdam Fashion Week after being chosen by fashion studio Maison the Faux and featured as part of their show MAISON pour MAISON.

Khaloom Amsterdam fashion week
Khaloom’s recycled fabrics are handwoven by fairly paid workers

Maison’s show reflected their understanding of the house as place where you can truly be yourself, “somewhere where humans can celebrate their freedom and expression”. Khaloom’s fabrics were selected for use in Maison’s interpretation of “home-wear in its most ultimate and elegant form”

Maison’s choice is proof that the world of Fashion is beginning to wake up to the fact that change is needed in the textile industry. Khaloom makes use of recycled fabrics and pays its traditional weavers 2-3x more than other companies, rejecting the unsustainable practices that have become normalized in the industry.

Khaloom uses the force of entrepreneurship to make sustainable fabrics and fair fashion the norm in the fashion industry. This world changing company’s presence at the Amsterdam Fashion week is living proof that we are on our way!

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