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Why we’re diving into Chile’s market and need your help

With our 17 years experience in building impact-driven companies to fuel the shift towards a circular economy, we’re entering Chile’s market. We make use of our proven methodology, which always starts with an in-depth issue analysis. We’re now deep diving into Chile’s market to learn more about the biggest obstacles to innovate and analyze the market demand. So, let’s cut straight to the chase: Are you a gamechanger in the Chilean field of circularity? Do you have ambitious ideas to build a circular Chile? Are you an expert in agriculture or plastics? Then we’d love to get in touch and see how we can work together!

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The art of the start: Enviu’s proven methodology

The issue analysis is the starting point of our proven methodology to build world changing companies (we have a 70% success rate). This is our starting point in Chile. We want to understand the biggest issues, challenges and opportunities. The goal? To know which gaps could and should be filled and which interventions are necessary to propel the shift towards a circular economy. The extensive analysis that preceded our Zero Waste Living Lab program in Indonesia showed that in dealing with the issue of plastic waste, waste prevention is a huge gap. This defined our plan of attack: Build companies that focus on zero-waste solutions. And it already resulted in two joint ventures!

During this first phase, we’re learning more about the Chilean economic system and investigating what is already being done in the field of circularity, especially plastics & packaging and agriculture. Who are the key players? What are the biggest obstacles to innovate? Which solutions already exist? What is still needed to create impact? What are the needs of consumers and businesses? These are some of the questions roaming through our heads.

We’ve already spoken with a number of experts and entrepreneurs about the current issues and market needs. There is a great willingness in Chile to change to a circular economy!

Reduce, reuse, recycle!

We’re going beyond recycling

Circular solutions are already emerging in Chile. We found that most focus on recycling, which is great and very necessary! However, when it comes to building a circular economy, recycling is only one part of the value chain, at the end of a products life. Circularity includes, but goes further than recycling, also taking into account the design process, optimal use of products and the reuse of products (To know more about why going beyond recycling is so important, read our article here).

We see a huge market and impact opportunity in Chile for circular business models in these categories (Read our article on How re-usable systems could become a multi-billion dollar industry here):

  • Alternative design: Provide alternative delivery systems through which products are packaged, limit packaging and stimulate re-use. Using alternative materials can also improve the footprint of a product, and make it easier to recycle at the end-of-life.
  • Products as a service: A business model that provides a service in areas traditionally sold as products, creating a more optimal use of the product. Most well known example is Airbnb. Philips offers lighting as a service instead of light bulbs.
  • Closing the loop: Recovering products at their end of life to retain their value. Ideally closed loop and with high value recovery.

Why we need you

As part of Enviu’s proven methodology to build ventures that drive system change, we will define our precise focus and ambition after our issue analysis. We will ideate new business models where needed, but also scout and implement existing innovations that can be potential gamechangers for Chile and the rest of Latin-America. Working together with the market, experts in the sector and innovative enterprises that want to replicate or scale is key to succeed in changing an economic system!

We’d love to get in touch with people and organizations working in or having extensive knowledge of one of the aforementioned areas. Can you help us to improve our understanding of the Chilean ecosystem? We’d of course love to share our knowledge of circularity, experiences in other countries and current findings with you if you’re interested! And perhaps we can even already find if and how we can collaborate further down the line.

Sounds like music to your ears? Great! Make sure to fill in the contact form below, let’s have a cup of coffee and see how we can transform Chile’s economy together!

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