We build world changing companies

Hi, we’re Enviu! 

We believe in an economy that serves people and planet. And in the power of impact-driven entrepreneurship to get us there. Together with partners we build companies that address social & environmental issues and drive failing markets towards a new normal. We build world changing companies. 

When we founded Enviu in 2004, our dream was the same as it is today: an economy that serves people and planet. An economy enriching the lives of all people, providing access to basic needs. An economy that sustainably utilizes the valuable and limited resources our planet endows.  

Together with partners we start long-term issue-driven and entrepreneurial programs to disrupt and drive broken value chains and industries towards a “new normal.” Building on an ambitious overarching theory of change we determine what business interventions are needed along the value chain. We validate new, sustainable business models by creating, replicating or accelerating ventures. We use what’s already there and add what’s missing. 

We build world changing companies

From issue to idea, from idea to startup

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A holistic approach to reimagine and shape an industry, field or practice

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We want the global economy to serve people and planet

Our ventures are focussed around these programs

  • The Netherlands
  • Future Proof Shipping

Zero harmful emission transportation over water 

Financial Inclusion
  • Lakshya, People's Pension Trust Ghana, People's Pension Trust Rwanda, Three Wheels United

Access to financial stability for all

Restore Venture Studio Chile
  • Chile
  • DesertSpring, Fresh & Co, Hula

Towards a circular Chile

Zero Waste Living Lab
  • Indonesia
  • CupKita, Econesia, Kecipir, Koinpack, Qyos by Algramo, Sustaination

Closing the tap on plastic waste

  • Kenya
  • SokoFresh, Taimba

0% post-harvest food loss

  • India
  • DesertSpring, Khaloom, Puraloop, UPSET Textiles

Building the future apparel industry

Create a new program

A holistic approach to reimagine and shape an industry, field or practice


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