Dieuwertje Nelissen

Country Director Chile & Head of ZWLL Program

Idealism + Business = Possible

Combining idealistic goals and creating business value: it sounds so logical. Unfortunately, it is not yet the default. Dieuwertje loves challenges and one is to show that social entrepreneurship is possible! She likes to use her passion and brains to ideate viable business models ánd to implement them. With her endless energy and enthusiasm and her getting-things-done mentality, she drives change and progress. At Enviu Dieuwertje is channelling her passion and skills to establish a circular apparel industry.

Dieuwertje has a master in International Relations from Groningen University. She has a track record within the renewable energy sector as a project manager, innovator and entrepreneur. In her free time, she loves to play sports and to explore new places and cultures. On top of that, with a foundation she founded, she tries to support status holders in finding a job.