Kostas Dasopoulos

Environmental Engineer

The sky is not the limit

Kostas is inspired to create sustainable change and align social impact to viable business models. He deeply believes  the transition only to a society based on sustainability can meet the growing global energy demand, affect the world energy landscape, address the threat of climate change and eventually save the planet. And this is what drives his passion at Enviu. Coming from Greece, a maritime nation by tradition, motivates his drive to the state-of-the-art development, optimization and integration of Future Proof Shipping!

Kostas holds a Master degree in Environmental Engineering from the Democritus University of Thrace in Greece, with a specialization in Sustainable Energy Technologies. He has a demonstrative history in the Renewable Energy, Environmental Protection, and Sustainable Development sectors. Kostas thoroughly enjoys coming up with new perspectives in Green Entrepreneurship and Cyclic Economy Development that contribute to Energy Balance and R&D Innovations.