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Circular Chile

Chile is a country with a lot of natural resources and a growing economy, creating enormous amounts of waste. There is increased attention from the government to shift from a linear to a circular economy, public investments to promote circular business models, and new legislation in favor of circularity. This creates a huge market opportunity! At Enviu we believe impact-driven entrepreneurship is key to create long lasting change: Our goal? Build world-changing companies to fuel this shift in Chile’s economy.

Local execution power

We have the experience and expertise when it comes to building impact-driven ventures with programs like Zero Waste Living Labtextiles and leather in our track-record. But we believe the only way to do this is together with local expertise and execution power. We need a solid base to operate from, an office in the region with a dynamic team bolstered by local experts! In 2019 we opened up a Latam regional office in Santiago to drive positive change in the country and region. Our ambition is to run multiple programs in the upcoming years.

Towards a circular economy: We have identified three focus areas

  • Alternative design: Scale, replicate and design business models that provide alternative delivery systems by which products are packaged, and alternative materials of which products are made. To limit their footprint and facilitate recovery after use.
  • Closing the loop: Recover products at their end of life to retain the value of materials for reuse. Many waste streams in Chile can be upcycled into similar or new products. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.
  • Product as a service: Business models that offer products as a service make optimal use of products previously sold. This way products stay in the loop and expand their lifetime. The rise of the sharing economy knows commercial success stories like AirBnB.

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