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Enviu’s first venture Energy Floors originates from its predecessor Sustainable Dance Club. In line with the maxim “people – planet party”, the Sustainable Dance Club aimed to make clubbing more sustainable, and make sustainability hip and trendy. Over the years the startup moved from consultancy work, event organization and product development to shift its main focus onto the sale and hire of these products, particularly the Sustainable Dance Floor and the Energy Experience.

On October 14th, the Sustainable Dance Club concept was first presented in Club Off Corso, Rotterdam under the name of “The Critical Mass”. Biological beers, decoration made out of upcycled waste products, fairtrade cocktails.. visitors got overwhelmed by sustainability. The actual energy generating dance floors didn’t exist yet. The Dutch Technical University was still working on the first prototype of the floor.

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All eyes on Rotterdam

Though the floor wasn’t developed yet, the idea of developing an energy generating dance floor, directly found interest from worldwide press. New York Times, Washington Post.. they all wanted to know what was going on in Rotterdam. It didn’t take long before the first entrepreneurs reached out to the organisation.

The first sustainable dance club in the world

Dutch serial entrepreneurs Aryan en Willem Tieleman and party guru Ted Langenbach embraced the idea of a sustainable dance club. In collaboration with the municipality of Rotterdam, in 2009 the world’s first sustainable dance club WATT opened in Rotterdam.

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Club WATT offered visitors a complete sustainability experience: toilets that flush on rainwater, biological food and drinks, fairtrade working clothes, recyclable ecocups, advanced, sustainable climate system and of course, the energy generating dance floors.

Energy floors growing in popularity

In the meanwhile, the energy floors grew in popularity. In 2013 the startup decided to shift its focus from offering sustainable clubbing experiences to renting and selling Sustainable Energy Floors. This shift allowed to move into new markets such as public transport, architecture, exhibitions, education etc.


Energy Floors  has a  growing  list  of  respected clients in more than 20 countries, such as Nokia, Google, Toyota, Volkswagen, Coca Cola, Heineken, Smirnoff, Philips, E-on, Disney, WWF, Puma and Shell. SDC sells and rents Energy Floors, including Applications and custom made Energy Experiences.

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