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ReChain is a program that contributes to food security and a sustainable business for farmers. Our ambition is to build a showcase 0% loss chain that drives third party businesses to scale proven solutions.

Nearly 50% of harvested fruit- and vegetables in Kenya is lost before it reaches the customer. At the same time, many people suffer from malnutrition and shortages of micronutrients. Kenya already is a net importer of many fruit and vegetables and with a third more mouths to feed in 2050 food security should be the no. 1 focus.

Enviu has the ambition to build 6-10 disruptive, scalable businesses and create a showcase 0% loss value chain

Professionalizing the food chain with local companies

To feed a growing world population – while conserving land and other resources – reducing food loss is crucial. First of all because of the direct impact: more food reaches the market, leading to increased food security. And, perhaps more importantly, because of the indirect impact: it will increase the farmer’s income which will enable him/her to invest in new sustainable and more efficient ways of producing. Because the losses takeplace at multiple junctures in the chain, interventions at one point is not enough to radically reduce food loss.

To solve the problems in the food chain it takes a value chain approach with embedded, local, commercial companies along the whole chain. Our mission is to build a showcase value chain taking out all the loss by continuously innovating solutions along the chain. Third party businesses will build on the proven solutions in the showcase chain and bring them toscale. This approach can radically improve the professionalism and efficiency of domestic fruit and vegetable value chains.


An overview of the food to market value chain in Kenya shows us where the points of attention are.

We are already working on:

SokoFresh: We’re building a cold storage concept that is new to the market. The business enables farmers to preserve their produce by renting cold space. SokoFresh helps farmers and agents to aggregate produce and find good buyers effectively. This results in at least 40% more produce to sell and better prices for the farmer.

Taimba: We’re growing Taimba, a Kenyan start-up that successfully shortens the value chain of vegetables. Taimba buys produce from farmers and delivers straight to 200 mama mboga’s (small kiosks). This concept solves the biggest challenges: uncertainty about a buying party, and a fragmented inefficient chain.

Mlo zone: We’re piloting a service to provide Kenya’s low income working class with healthy, nutritious food and affordable meals that will simultaneously address Kenya’s still widespread malnutrition and combat its rising rate of obesity.

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