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Future Proof Shipping

Future Proof Shipping envisions a maritime industry that thrives economically, while meeting the ever-increasing demands of sustainability. Our ambition is to facilitate a smooth transition towards a future proof shipping market, by reimagining sustainability solutions as drivers of lasting competitive advantage for the several stakeholders.

Technology to build zero-impact ships exists today. However, due to high capital and operational costs, safety concerns, and lack of sufficient resources to test concepts in real-life situations, existing players find it difficult to adopt new innovations in this fiercely competitive industry. In partnership with universities, entrepreneurs and key players in the shipping industry, we aim to accelerate the adoption of new innovations, and initiate sustainable change via the development of innovative (financial and operational) models that make clean technology commercially viable, scalable and attractive to the industry.

If you want to know more about Future Proof Shipping, download the one-pager here.

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