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For many veterans, the extreme situations that they are confronted with on a mission severely affect their mental wellbeing, till years after they have returned home. No Worries Company’s (NWC) mission is for veterans to live a life full of possibilities. To realize this, the team is developing Unit Victor, a digital innovation that enables veterans to connect and look for support as soon as they need it.

One out of five Veterans struggles with mental issues, from stress to chronic PTSD. Many wait years to seek help, some never do. This prevents them from functioning well in our society and enjoying their personal lives. And as time passes, treatment becomes more complex and costly. Governments yearly spend billions on treatments and related costs. If help is offered earlier on, the support for veterans can be drastically improved, treatment costs can be reduced and -most importantly- veterans can live their life to the fullest.

No Worries Company (NWC) is developing Unit Victor, a digital solution that aims to motivate veterans to seek help at an early stay. Therefore, NWC combines the power of technology, with the strength of the veteran community in Unit Victor, to signal stress symptoms and stimulate action. This solution is the result of extensive research amongst the veteran community and with experts. The mobile app of Unit Victor enables veterans to connect to their comrades and support each other in an informal, safe community.

To empower veterans to monitor their mental wellbeing more accurately, NWC is researching how Unit Victor can automatically signal periods of stress to the user, based on mobile sensor data. The result will be a personalized, cost-effective service that empowers veterans to stay in control, till long after the mission. In this, Unit Victor collaborates closely with existing initiatives, experts, the veteran community, and professional services.

Currently, Unit Victor is live (01-2019 we have 1.000 users) and is being further developed on the basis of user feedback. We are looking for private and public partners to collaborate on the development and adoption of this new service. Interested? Together, we can enable every veteran to live their life as they want.

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