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Of all clothing produced worldwide, 40% is thrown away. Textile waste occupies nearly 5% of all landfill space. But this way textile waste is literally wasted. Enviu and partners saw an opportunity to come up with a business case for large-scale recycling of textile waste into apparel-grade fabrics via handcrafting. And we did. In 2015 the concept of Khaloom was born.

High-end, sustainable fabric from recycled textile

Khaloom produces high-end, sustainable fabric made from recycled textile by using the traditional Indian hand-spinning and weaving of ‘Khadi’. This social enterprise offers a solution to the large volume of textile waste and the stressful living conditions of handloom workers in India.

India: second largest textile manufacturer in the world

India is the second largest textiles manufacturer in the world. The textile industry is a cornerstone of the Indian economy. Handloom plays a big role in the industry and is a national pride. In this industry there are about 4.3 million handloom workers.

However, mechanization of the economy has taken its toll as there are only 2.38 million handlooms left. Of the 4.3 million workers, 57% of Indian weavers have leveled below the poverty line, and 80% are in debt.

Khaloom does not only save textile from being wasted, they also create employment for local artisans. The company collects non-reusable textile waste and shreds it into fiber. This fiber is then handspun by local artisans into new yarn that can then be woven by hand into fabric.

Every million meters of Khaloom’s 100% recycled textile

  • Keep 150,000 kg of textile waste from going into landfills;
  • Save 1504 million liters of water (that is about twice the amount Nigeria, Ethiopia and Egypt together drink in a day!)
  • Change the lives of over 1000 families for the better.

Scaling Khaloom globally

There is immense potential to scale Khaloom globally. East Africa and Asia have a tradition of handloom weaving engrained in their cultures. And they also provide access to large quantities of textile waste as the textile industry is booming.

Khaloom aims to produce 5 million meters per year by 2025.



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