SaniNation brings existing and viable, sanitation-focused innovations from over the world to India and adapts their business models to the local context in urban areas. While access to sanitation has been improved over the years, the quality of the Indian Faecal Sludge Management ecosystem is lacking behind. Within a three-year program period SaniNation will introduce at least three business models focused on treatment, reuse, and recovery of human waste to the Indian market.

Faecal Sludge Management represents massive issues related to health and environment in India. Faecal sludge is often discharged into the environment due to a lack of proper infrastructure, equipment and incentives. This creates a breeding ground for disease epidemics like typhoid and diarrhoea, preventing victims from absorbing necessary nutrients, leading to malnutrition.

Entrepreneurial activity in FSM has been limited until now. At the same time, human waste treatment and its conversion into valuable by-products present an under explored potential in the Indian context. Existing businesses worldwide prove that faecal sludge can be a valuable resource for many industries. Faecal sludge can for example be processed into solid fuel, organic fertiliser, insect-based animal feed, biogas, or even building materials.


SaniNation connects global and local businesses in the sanitation sector and works on an overarching ecosystem necessary for the businesses to succeed. Together with local entrepreneurs, corporates and local governments, SaniNation will shape an environment were doing business in Faecal Sludge Management is attractive, feasible and profitable.

SaniNations looks for local collaborations with government agencies, seasoned entrepreneurs and businesses in India

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