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Zero harmful emission transportation over water 

Thrust is when a system expels or accelerates mass in one direction. In our case, a maritime industry propelled towards zero harmful emissions. THRUST stands for Towards Hydrogen-based Renewables Used for Ship Transportation.And it is the name of our world changing maritime program. 

How are we going to revolutionize offshore industries? 

  • Doing fundamental research on ground breaking technologies to catalyze disruptive innovations 
  • Break the silos between the maritime, energy, offshore and oil- & gas sectors 
  • Build truly zero-emission energy chains for our waterways 
  • Enable a hydrogen economy and energy transition at sea 

 Why is change needed? If the maritime industry were a country, it would be among the top 6 producers of GHGs globally. It emits 1 billion tons of CO2 annually, and seventeen of the largest ships in the world produce as much sulphur emissions as all the world’s cars combined.